Durga McBroom - Lead Vocals

Durga McBroom

Durga McBroom - Lead Vocals


As the only backing vocalist to consistently appear in all of Pink Floyd's live shows since 1987, she's recorded and toured with arguably the biggest and most popular rock band in history, performing to millions of fans around the world. She's been there and done it all. But there is still one thing that eludes her... bionic fingernails.

Describe yourself in three words

Powerful, loving, funny

What is the first photo saved on your phone?

Durga's first photo

What is your favourite Pink Floyd album?

Probably Dark Side Of The Moon, because it’s so well balanced between the four of them. Each member contributed something invaluable to the sound. Of the ones I’m on, it’s gotta be PULSE.

What is your favourite Pink Floyd song?

That’s like having to pick your favorite child! I love Shine On You Crazy Diamond, because it’s so epic in scope, and it’s quintessential Floyd. I also love Us And Them, AND Great Gig, because of Richard Wright’s haunting melodic influence. As for my LEAST favorite song? That’d be Echoes, because I find it unbearably long, self-indulgent, and no girls sing on it. Let’s face it, anytime you start hearing what sounds like whale song in Prog, you’ve gone too far! LMAO!

Which Pink Floyd song do you enjoy playing the most?

Dogs Of War is fun because of the backing vocal parts and the choreography. Run Like Hell is fun because I get to sing like a tough guy, and jump up and down. It’s very cathartic! Great Gig is fabulous when I nail it, but it’s a lot like giving birth, so I also hate it.

What’s your most favourite place you’ve toured?

I love Italy, which is why I moved there. I also adore South America, because the audiences are wildly enthusiastic!

What’s your most favourite show you’ve ever played?

Pink Floyd Live In Venice. Or Versailles. I also did a Blue Pearl show in Cornwall, where a bunch of surf punks helped me blow the roof off! They were SO into it! Tim Renwick happened to be a guest in the audience as well, so I was proud he saw me killing it doing my own thing outside of Floyd. That was an EPIC show!

Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met?

Hmmm... let’s see... Prince, David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Sting, Billy Idol, all of Duran Duran, Lady Sarah Ferguson, Lemmy Kilmister, Don Henley, David Lee Roth (dated the last two) or David Gilmour (of course). ;)

Who or what made you want to become a musician?

Joni Mitchell. She’s my Goddess.

Outside of Pink Floyd who are your biggest musical heroes and influences?

Joni Mitchell, Prince. Add Elvis Costello, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan.

If you could play in any other band, past or present, what would it be?

Steely Dan. No question.

Give us a quick rundown of your gear?

I’m partial to Sennheiser microphones for onstage (e965), and I use a lot of IK Multimedia gear in my home studio set up, along with an MXL 990 condenser mic.

What’s your most favourite bit of gear?

My Sennheisser e965. That’s my baby.

What advice would you give to any aspiring musician?

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Find other musicians to play with. But mostly, don’t pursue this business because you want to; do it because you HAVE to.

What was the first album you ever bought?

Broadway soundtrack of West Side Story. Although my Dad probably bought that for me. My first purchase was probably the Cabaret soundtrack. First Rock album was probably Thick As A Brick - Jethro Tull. Or the Rolling Stones, Goat’s Head Soup.

Desert Island Disks: which one album and three singles would you take?

God, that’s not enough! Court And Spark - album. Gods And Lovers (Black Floyd, McBroom Sisters), Black Dog (Led Zeppelin), Pop Life (Prince).

And who would you want to be stuck on the island with?

That’s easy - Jason Momoa, no question!

What totally pointless superpower would you like?

I always envied The Bionic Woman when she opened a can of tuna fish with her fingernail. Bionic nails would be very useful, but utterly pointless. LOL.

Would you rather be in bed on a Sunday morning or on holiday on a tropical beach?

Bed right next to the beach in the morning with the glass door open to the breeze, brunch on the terrace overlooking the beach, then beach in the afternoon into the evening. I grew up on the beach.

Would you rather be incredibly funny or incredibly clever?

You can’t be incredibly funny without being incredibly clever. I vote for both!

Would you rather be a famous inventor or a famous writer?

Hmmm... I’ve thought of some great inventions, but didn’t know how to get them patented. So I’ll settle for writer. I guess my lyrics already qualify me for that. ;)

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